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Why Choose Atlas Seawall Solutions?

Choosing the right Seawall contractor is very important. You can be at ease with Atlas, South Florida's trusted, Seawall Repair Network certified contractor!

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Cost Effective

Our exclusive access to Seawall Repair Network's repair process can save you up to 80% on Seawall Repair!


Quick, Non-intrusive

No need to tear up your property with heavy equipment and major construction. Our seawall repair process can be applied quickly, and with minimal intrusion!


One-time, Lifetime Fix

The patented process and products that we have exclusive access to have been scientifically proven to be your once and for all seawall fix! Repairing and preserving your seawall for life!

What we do

Certified Seawall Repair, Stabilization, and Preservation.

Trusted and backed by:

Years Experience
Customer Savings
Customer Satisfaction

South Florida's Seawall Repair Network Certified Contractor

Cost Effective

Save up to 80% of the cost of a Seawall replacement!

Patented seawall repair process that is non-intrusive to your property. No major destruction of your property!
Repair and Relax!

Our patented seawall repair process and products can fix your seawall for life!

Quick, Non-intrusive Repair Case Study

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We let our customers speak for us!

Jen G.

My husband and I live by the water and our Seawall was damaged. We contacted multiple companies to replace the Seawall and were so happy we came across Atlas!! The team came out and inspected the Seawall and we were able to repair it for a fraction of what a new seawall was going to cost. I highly recommend Atlas Solutions!

Alfredo B.

Like most, I wanted the best bang for my buck on this. After shopping around with different companies (I wont call them out). Atlas Seawall came through for us, for a cheaper price then their competitors and a faster turn around time to get the job done. Highly recommend.

Ismael B.

I thought I needed a new sea wall and the guys over at Atlas came out and explained how they could fix my problem without having to go through the lengthy permitting process. Work was done 3 weeks later as promised. Highly recommend these guys 10/10 Atlas Seawall Solutions

Maggie C.

I had a great experience from beginning to end. Our seawall was inspected within days of calling. The Atlas crew did an amazing job of building up the seawall cap and refurbishing it.

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Free Seawall Health Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Atlas Seawall Solutions offer?

Atlas Seawall Solutions offers certified seawall repair, stabilization, preservation, and seawall health assessment services in South Florida.

How can I save on seawall repair with Atlas Seawall Solutions?

Atlas Seawall Solutions offers an exclusive repair process that can save you up to 80% on seawall repair compared to seawall replacement.

Is the seawall repair process intrusive to my property?

No, Atlas Seawall Solutions uses a patented, non-intrusive seawall repair process that minimizes damage to your property.

How long will the seawall repair last?

Atlas Seawall Solutions is an exclusive member of the Seawall Repair Network which allows us to provide a one-time, lifetime fix for your seawall, repairing and preserving it for life.

How do I get started with my seawall repair process?

You can schedule a free Seawall Health Assessment by visiting the Free Seawall Health Assessment page on the website.

What makes Atlas Seawall Solutions a trusted contractor?

With over 20 years of experience, $300K+ in customer savings, and 100% customer satisfaction, Atlas Seawall Solutions is South Florida's trusted Seawall Repair Network certified contractor.

Can I see a case study of Atlas Seawall Solutions previous work?

Yes, you can view a Quick, Non-intrusive Repair Case Study on the website.