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Save up to 80% of the cost of a Seawall replacement!

Patented seawall repair process that is non-intrusive to your property. No major destruction of your property!
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Our patented seawall repair process and products can fix your seawall for life!

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Unmatched Seawall Stabilization Services in South Florida

Ensuring Lasting Shoreline Protection with Our Cutting-edge Solutions

SW-RP1 Seawall Repair Material – A Game Changer

Atlas Seawall Solutions SW-RP1 repair and stabilization process

With Seawall Repair Networks SW-RP1 Seawall Repair Material, we mend leaking cracks and stabilize surrounding soil, ensuring durable seawall repair. This breakthrough material is stronger than crystalline bedrock, stopping future erosion while protecting the environment. It's more than a repair; it's a strategic upgrade to your seawall.

Innovative Hydrostatic Pressure Control

Seawall hydrostatic pressure control on a Seawall in South Florida

Unchecked water build-up can damage even the strongest seawalls. Our Hydrostatic Pressure Control system intelligently eliminates future water build-up behind the seawall, relieving harmful pressure, preventing cracks, and guaranteeing long-term protection for your property.

Seawall Anchoring and Cap Repair

Before and after Seawall cap repair using high strength epoxy

Our Seawall Cap Repair employs high-strength epoxy and concrete repair materials, restoring strength and integrity to the structure. In high-risk sections, we install steel tie-backs as part of our Seawall Anchoring System. They lock into solid soil behind the wall, ensuring your seawall stays strong and secure.

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